Product listWing BCD Diverite Transpac XT Travel XT (25Lb) PK3351

Wing BCD Diverite Transpac XT Travel XT (25Lb) PK3351

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DIVERITE Transpac XT deluxe harness Set With Travel XT series wing
Brand Diverite
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Package Include :

  • TransPac XT Harness with tank straps
  • Travel XT Wing
  • 1.5" Crotch Strap
  • Pair of 20lb QR Weight Pockets.

T3350 Dive Rite TransPac XT:

The Package starts with the Dive Rite TransPac XT Harness, exceptionally rugged, yet beautifully streamlined, the TransPac XT redefines expectations about function and comfort in Scuba harnesses. Dive Rites radically updated TransPac XT now provides a true mountaineer backpack design with an integrated hip belt, molded foam lumbar support and ergonomic shoulder pads. The TransPac XT evenly balances weight across the hips and back distributing the weight of single or double tanks. The wrap-around hip belt made of dual density foam, snugly hugs the lower back giving critical support and cushioning. Narrow, double foam shoulder pads fit perfectly beneath the 2" (5.1cm) shoulder webbing to give chafe free comfort. The high-tech, molded foam lumbar pad is contoured in all the right places with mesh airflow channels for instant draining topside and doubles as a lift bag sleeve with an integrated pocket. Chest support strap provides ultimate load distribution and when used with the removable, 1.5" (3.8cm) crotch strap provides outstanding stability and comfort in the water.  

BC5100 Dive Rite Travel XT Wing:

The Travel XT is a lightweight wing designed for single tank, warm water diving. Dive Rite's Travel Series of wings are small profile and ideal for travel and divers who wear a minimal amount of weight. At 25 lbs (11.3kg) of lift, the Travel XT can accommodate one 80 cubic feet (12 liter) tank with no more than 16 lbs (7.26kg) of additional weight

With its donut-shape, the Travel XT Wing provides greater stability and control in the water. Donut-style or 360 Degree wings promote an even volume of inflation on top, sides and bottom, which improves buoyancy control and promotes a more efficient, horizontal trim. The Travel XT Wing Series is built upon the legendary toughness of Super-Fabric Brand Technology, a technical fabric resistant to cuts, pinches and abrasions. This unique material has been created with a base fabric overlaid with tiny guard plates, this proprietary armored surface, along with material science and strategic geometric patterns, transforms ordinary fabric into Super-Fabric Brand Materials. The material maintains its flexibility and breathability, yet keeps sharp objects from penetrating.

Dive Rite has married Super-Fabric with a 1,000-Denier Cordura inner shell to create an armor-clad outer bag that is impervious to damaging pinches and cuts. The Travel XT line's toughness is further enhanced with a heavy-duty, radio frequency (RF) welded 210-denier nylon urethane laminated bladder. The Travel XT has urethane flanges welded in place which makes it easy to switch out corrugated hose and over-pressure relief valves without tools. The Travel XT comes with either a 16" or 12" (40.6 or 30.5 cm) elbowed Inflator and a 3/8" threaded low pressure hose for attachment to the first-stage regulator.

Wing is equipped with a lower left front over-pressure relief/dump valve. A set of marine-grade 316-stainless-steel grommet mounting holes are used to attach wing to harness and/or singles mounting plate. The Travel XT measures approximately (H x W) 21.5 x 15" (54.6 x 38.1cm) deflated and weighs 2.4 lbs (1.1kg).

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