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Line Dyneema Epsealon Techline Black 1,5mm 6T50

  Rp 29.000Rp 1.450.000

Line Dyneema Epsealon Ultimated Red 1,5mm 6300

  Rp 20.000Rp 1.000.000

Line Dyneema Imersion Black Orange 2,1mm DC131

  Rp 17.500Rp 1.750.000

Line Dyneema Imersion Green 1,9mm DC127

  Rp 19.000Rp 1.045.000

Line Kevlar Imersion Black 2mm DC117

  Rp 15.900Rp 795.000

Line Nylon Imersion Black 2,5mm DC118

  Rp 11.000Rp 845.000

Line Nylon Imersion Black White 2mm DC122

  Rp 10.000Rp 2.950.000
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