Product listStrobe Smart Focus Wide UV Torch XAdventurer M7000 WRGBU 110 Degree 5000K CRI90 (7000 Lumens)

Strobe Smart Focus Wide UV Torch XAdventurer M7000 WRGBU 110 Degree 5000K CRI90 (7000 Lumens)

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X-Adventurer M7000-WRGBU Hybrid Multifunction Light / Flash The X-Adventurer M7000-WRGBU is a multifunctional underwater video light (hybrid), with 7000 lumens flood light in "turbo mode" even 10000 lumens, 24 watts red light (620nm), 24W blue light (455nm), UV light (365nm) and 24W (530nm) green light.

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No multishadow effect. The M7000-WRGBU underwater light, converts the light to the same spectrum as the ambient light underwater. This is the perfect solution to avoid mixed light conditions when you white balance the camera with ambient light. The M7000 also offers the so-called RGB mode. With this it is possible to change the color temperature of the light. Almost the entire color spectrum is achievable.

The M7000 can be connected to pretty much any housing on the market by means of a fiber optic cable and can then be used as a flash, with 10000 lumens of flash power! So red light can be switched on as a permanent light solution and the moment the camera flashes, the red light is switched off and white light shoots as a flash. The power can be changed / throttled down until it no longer flashes - then the light is in "pilot mode".

The light or flash intensity can be adjusted in 10 steps. This applies to all color modes. Practical: The battery can be turned over for transport and thus makes no contact. The lamp has an overheating protection and throttles the intensity, respectively shuts off before something breaks. In an emergency situation, an SOS and strobo mode can be set.

Product specifications :

  • Beam angle: 110°.
  • Color temperature / color rendering index: 5500K / Ra85
  • Lighting duration at 7000 lumens approx. 45min.
  • Flash intensity: 10000 lumens max (can be throttled)
  • Control methods: adjustment knob + mode button
  • Power supply: Rechargeable Li-ion battery, 3400mAh 50.3Whr
  • Maximum diving depth: 200m, IPX8 (JIS protection class 8)
  • Dimensions: Max ø56mm x 131mm (without protrusions).
  • Weight: 585g on land, 270g underwater
  • Materials: Corrosion resistant aluminum alloy

Included in delivery :

  • 1 x Li-ion battery
  • 1 x power adapter
  • 1 x YS adapter
  • 1x ball adapter (1 inch)
  • 1 x user manual
  • 2x spare O-rings
  • 1x soft case
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Brand : XAdventurer
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SKU : 54752
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