Product listSpeargun Aluminium Mares Sniper PS 423424

Speargun Aluminium Mares Sniper PS 423424

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The PS Sniper speargun for spearfishing is perfect for those looking for reliability, simplicity and high quality. Use a muzzle with a pair of rubber bands. 28 mm diameter external barrel in anodized aluminum.

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The PS Sniper is a pneumatic speargun for spearfishing with rigid anodized aluminum frame, upper shaft guide and lower line guide . The PS Sniper Rifle is reliable, simple and of high quality. Side release system, made entirely of stainless steel. 6.5mm hardy Tahitian shaft with single wing tip.

The main features of this Sniper PS speargun with rubber bands are:

  • 28 mm diameter external barrel in anodized aluminum
  • Compact head for pair of bands
  • Rod release and line release in stainless steel
  • Ergonomic handle mimics the shape used for viper pro and cyrano evo hf
  • Configured for installation of a vertical spiro reel
  • 6.5 mm Tahitian shaft in PR80 galvanized steel with single wing tip
  • Pair of 16 mm s-power elastics
  • Race ogive
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