Product listRed Filter Camera Gopro Hero 9/10/11 Xadventurer GF-01

Red Filter Camera Gopro Hero 9/10/11 Xadventurer GF-01

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This handy red filter set includes 3 filters. Two of which are attached to the flip holder. They can be swiveled alternately in front of the lens.
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Red Filter Set for GoPro 9 , 10 and 11

There are two classic red filters and one magenta filter included. The red filters are intended for clear water in the ocean or crystal clear river water. One for shallow depths and the second (darker) for deeper depths.

The magenta (purple) filter is intended for green water. This classically includes lakes whose water tends to be greenish.

The folding filter frame simply clicks onto the edge of the lens. It fits the ORIGINAL GoPro 9 and GoPro 10 housings. It also fits the GoPro 9 and 10 housings from Isotta.

  • The frame is made of sturdy aluminum.
  • Folding frame for GoPro 9 ,10 and 11
  • Red filter for shallow depth
  • Red filter for great depth
  • Magenta filter for water green
  • Allen key to change the filter glass
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Brand : XAdventurer
Code : GF-01
SKU : 54091
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