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Backplate NX Ultralight BCD Xdeep With Harness Deluxe XHS011X

Backplate set with deluxe harness, the NX Ultralight desain backplate from XDEEP combine with the comfortable deluxe  harness.
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  • XDEEP NX Series Ultra Light Backplate
  • The shape of the classic back plate was originally driven by the road sign it was cut out from, time perhaps for a change.
  • Taking a proper look at the anatomy and structure of the human back, we have reinvented the concept.
  • Enlarging the upper part of the back plate achieves better weight distribution during the dive and removes load form the lumbar region.
  • The lower plate design, spreads the load equally well and allows for the optimal attachment of weight pockets and accessories.
  • The new NX Series back plate is more comfortable, more stable and more protective of your back than any other classic plate.
  • V-shaped crotch strap : The NX Series harness is equipped with totally new V shaped crotch strap.
  • The V shape is more comfortable, eliminating often uncomfortable single strap. By spreading the load in and out of the water, the V strap is a real step change forward. Long scooters become a pleasure and even large capacity twinsets and multiple stages will not become unstable
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