Product listTorch Wide Scubalamp V7K 120 Degree 5600K CRI96 (15000 Lumens)

Torch Wide Scubalamp V7K 120 Degree 5600K CRI96 (15000 Lumens)

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SUPE Scubalamp V7K Moive grade COB LED Photo/Video Light - 15,000 lumens
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With 27mm movie grade COB LED, V7K is a professional underwater video light. 15000lumens for wide angle 120 degree.

Dual switch mode: Press button switch on/off and rotation switch

4 Steps: 100%(15000lumens at 40mins) -> 75%->50%(7500lumens at 80mins)->25%.

Working Voltage: 16.8V

Compatible Battery4*21700 battery pack with 77.4Wh with average charging to each battery.

Battery indicator:  100%-->80%-->60%-->40%->20%. Depth Rating at 100M

Beam angel: wide angle at 120 degree.

Color Temperature: 5600K

Color Rendering Index(CRI): 96

Red 9(R9):94

Television lighting Consistency Index(TLCI):97

Colour : Black/Silver High grade Aviation Aluminium Alloy with Military Oxidation III grade casing for hardiness and anti corrosive in Sea water Internal circulation conduction to reduce corrosion of the body.

Dimension : Length 178mm x 61mm x 69mm(head)

Weight : 689g(Underwater)

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