Product listMask Fourth Element Seeker Frameless Grey Clarity SKMSK03

Mask Fourth Element Seeker Frameless Grey Clarity SKMSK03

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The Fourth Element Seeker Dive Mask steps up your underwater game with its innovative features and superior design. This single-lens frameless mask is available in pure clear or contrast lens options, catering to different diving conditions and preferences.

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The Fourth Element Seeker Dive Mask is designed to maximise the field of vision while in horizontal trim. You can explore your underwater world without sacrificing visibility with a specialised frame and lens design.

Its universal fit caters to diverse face shapes, making it the prime choice for snorkelling and scuba diving. The mask's near-natural field of view offers a remarkable visual experience, with an angled profile to maximise your field of view.

Notably, it features a soft silicone skirt and a moulded silicone strap, ensuring comfort and durability. The low-volume design not only allows easy equalisation and mask clearing but also provides a wider and brighter view than ever before.

Users have the choice to select the pure, clear lens for maximum light transmission or opt for a contrast lens to enhance the contrast of light and dark, particularly useful in colder, green water.

Last but not least, the Fourth Element Seeker Dive Mask is compatible with the Fourth Element Universal Fabric Mask Strap, making it an eco-conscious choice for the environmentally aware diver.

Fourth Element Seeker Mask Features :
  • Single lens frameless mask
  • Choice of pure clear or contrast lens
  • Universal fit
  • Ideal for snorkelling & scuba diving
  • Near-natural field of view
  • Soft silicone skirt
  • Moulded silicone strap
  • Angled profile to maximise field of view
  • Compatible with fourth element recycled mask strap
Category : Mask
Brand : Fourth Element
Code : SKMSK03
SKU : H0290
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