Product listMask C4 Falcon Firestone Low Volume

Mask C4 Falcon Firestone Low Volume

Rp 1.250.000

The C4 Falcon Freediving Mask is an innovative and modern freediving mask, designed by renowned diving products designer, Enrico Sala, this mask has been designed specifically for freediving purposes.

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The main feature of this mask is the low internal volume. This has been created thanks to a design focused on containing space and a single piece structure, The silicon skirt features an inner gasket and a velvet finish that greatly increases its sealing capacity and minimises any water getting into the mask. The geometries are highly hydrodynamic and the mask travels through water without any tensions that usually occur with deep dives and fast accents. The field of vision has been optimised making this mask a great option for spearfishers as well. The buckles are attached to the mask skirt allowing for a solid even fitting whilst wearing the mask. This mask by C4 is a great upgrade for any freediver who is looking for something lightweight and can handle those super deep dives. It's also a super diverse mask and can be used for spearfishing as well. C4 have a solid reputation when it comes to their products and this newly designed mask will not let you down.

C4 Falcon Freediving Mask Features :
  • Low Internal Volume -Achieved by a single piece structure design
  • Silicone Skirt and Inner Gasket -Increases sealing capacity
  • Better field of vision -Allows this mask to be used with spearfishing as well
  • Buckles attached to the skirt -This allows for a stronger more even fit
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