Product listLong Fins Full Foot Mares X-Wing C-S Carbon (1 Pcs)

Long Fins Full Foot Mares X-Wing C-S Carbon (1 Pcs)

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The X-Wing C-S freediving fin blade is made in 100% carbon. The shape of the blade allows for optimized thrust. Made for freedivers seeking agility.

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The X-Wing C-S freediving fin blade is made of 11 layers of 100% carbon for a product that is reactive and resistant. Its small dimensions make it perfect for spearfishers and freedivers seeking more agility. The fin blade is inclined 30 degrees in order to be an extension of the tibia. Pair it with the X-Wing Colored Foot Pocket in olive green for perfect camouflage.

  • The package contains 1 fin blade.
  • X-Wing Foot Pocket sold separately.
  • X-Wing Blade Fixing Set sold separately.

Technical features :

  • A blade produced with 100% pre-impregnated carbon to ensure high quality and process repeatability
  • 3000 carbon fibers woven at 0 and 90°
  • Fibers cross over each other few times, increasing the responsiveness of the blade
  • Variable blade thickness and high-performing parabolic flexion
  • The blade is 185 mm wide and 600 mm long
  • A high-quality manufacturing process
  • Variable side ribs support and optimized channel thrust and flex
  • Available with a soft or medium strength blade depending on the user’s weight
  • A 30° blade inclination relative to the foot pocket
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