Product listLong Fins Full Foot Mares X-Wing C-Evo Carbon (1 Pcs)

Long Fins Full Foot Mares X-Wing C-Evo Carbon (1 Pcs)

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The X-Wing C-Evo Fin Blade is designed in 100% unidirectional carbon fibers. The shape of the fin blade provides optimal thrust. Designed for free diving and deep spearfishing.

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The X-Wing C-Evo Fin Blade is created using an aluminum mold that leads to exceptional results in terms of resistance, reactivity and an absence of aesthetic defects.

12 layers of T700 carbon fibers are used in the fin blade. The fibers are woven unidirectionally to avoid side flection and slipping.

The finish is the same as that used in the latest regatta boats, reducing friction and turbulence.

The fin blade was designed specifically for freediving and deep spearfishing, and its shape creates optimum thrust, taking advantage of even the end of the fin.

The fin is at a 30° inclination, making the fin a natural extension of the tibia.

The fin blade is paired with the X-Wing Colored Foot Pocket in blue, making it even more comfortable.

  • The package contains 1 fin blade.
  • X-Wing Foot Pocket sold separately.
  • X-Wing Blade Fixing Set sold separately.

Technical features :

  • A blade produced with 100% pre-impregnated carbon to ensure high quality and process repeatability
  • T700 carbon with fibers woven unidirectionally to reduce side flection
  • Thanks to the fibers crossing over each other few times, the responsiveness of the blade is increased
  • Variable blade thickness and high-performing parabolic flexion
  • The blade is 190 mm wide and 750 mm long
  • A high-quality manufacturing process
  • Variable side ribs support and optimize channel thrust and flex
  • Available with a soft or medium strength blade depending on the user’s weight
  • A 30° blade inclination relative to the foot pocket
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