Product listLong Fins Full Foot Epsealon Vega 1415

Long Fins Full Foot Epsealon Vega 1415

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Closed end heel fines with unbreakable technolpolymere blade. TPE SEBS overmolded footpocket.

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Unbreakable Technopolymere for the blade and TPE SEBS overmolded for the footpocket, with new generation of manufacturing process for perfect quality results. The VEGA is only 800gr (1.76 lbs) on size 2, 435gr (0.96 lb) for footpocket only. This is one of the most technical and light end of its grade.

The VEGA has been designed with following features :

  • COMFORT no pain after several hours of use.
  • FINESSE for an excellent coefficient of penetration into the water.
  • LIGHTNESS efficiency and stamina for fining increased by decreasing the mass moved;
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE Unique architecture shaped on blade surface, high flexibility, optimized gravity & heave center points.
  • RELIABILITY & DURABLITY by using high-performance materials

Available in 4 sizes :

  • T1/ Small – 38/39 
  • T2/ Medium – 40/41
  • T3/ Large – 42/43
  • T4/ X-Large – 44/45
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