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Fin Full Foot Najade Iron

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Fin Full Foot Najade Iron

This type is harder and stronger than the sprint ones. They have been developed for the 50 m distance. You can reach the maximum of your acceleration under water and the maximum of your speed on the surface with the help of our IRON fins.

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Fin Full Foot Najade Iron

Our Najade Iron fins are a special improved version of the sprint fins. It combines all the benefits of sprint fins such as hardness, speed, explosiveness and excellent turning ability. We especially recommend these to athletic and strong competitors. The design took into account all the requirements, required by the 50 and 100m sprints, such as explosiveness, hydrodynamics of underwater apnoea. the surface energy of rapid swimming, the ability to turn quickly, and we transformed the fin accordingly. The result is a maneuverable fin that is specifically made for short-term sprints, yet produces the most direct power transmission.

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