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Ear Plug Doc’s Proplug Vented – Red

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Doc's Proplugs Earplugs work preventively and prevent all kinds of ear problems for divers.
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Designed to protect the ear from cold water, impact, loud noise, and high frequency noise, while still allowing you to hear normal sounds. Include with leash to help prevent loss.

Suitable For : Water Sports, Surfing Scuba/Free Diving Motorcycles Light Industrial - blocks 20db

Doc's Proplugs Earplugs work preventively and prevent all kinds of ear problems for divers. Contain an air pressure valve that lets sound, air and water to a limited extent. Vented Proplugs are transparent or red.

Doc's Proplugs Vented are suitable to prevent : swimmers and divers ear (Otitis Externa) surfers ear (Oxostosis Externa), bone formation torn eardrum due to the protective effect of the ear-helmet (easy) clear during diving and plane flights concentration improvement in study or ution and good understanding in conversation and on the telephone high frequency noise that Tinnitus can cause is strongly attenuated with -22 dB from 4000 Hz Size determination

There are 8 different sizes of ProPlugs. For the very smallest ears we have size XXS and for the biggest ears the XXL. If you buy the earplugs online you must make an estimate of the size you need. By far the most earplugs we sell have the size M (normal ear size, slightly on the small side) or L (normal ear size, something on the large side). If you have larger or smaller ears, adjust the size accordingly.

How do you enter the earplugs? 1) You take the ear plug with the fin / fin up between your thumb and forefinger. The fingertip of the index finger lies against the cavity of the calyx / bowl.

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