Product listTorch Zeepro Narrow Angle with Laser (1000 Lumens)

Torch Zeepro Narrow Angle with Laser (1000 Lumens)

Rp 550.000
The MK-03 specially designed for underwater exploration is supplied with one Solid-State LED emitting a staggering 1000 lumen. Featuring two output levels as well as SOS and laser pointer, the 10W light can dim from high to medium power output levels allowing you to dim lighting for a quick exposure adjustment. Sun-similar light with approx. 15° reflected beam angle
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  • Long Burn Time, 1:30/3:30 hours with 1500mAh/3400 mAh battery
  • High Brightness – 1000 lumens
  • Two output levels
  • SOS signal
  • 5 mW Laser pointer
  • Integrated Battery and Lighting Head
  • Superior water penetration and colour contrast
  • Excellent Colour Rendition
  • >50,000 hours average LED lifetime
  • Simple mechanical type switch operation
  • Removable battery for safe travel.
  • The Mangrove MK-03 is designed to be used as primary or backup lighting for any kind of underwater exploration dive.
  • A perfectly 15-degree beam provides even coverage from for day and night dives.
  • Near daylight 6500º Kelvin colour temperature ensures the most true, natural tones especially when combined with ambient light in seascapes.
  • The light head's powerful 1000 lumen beam may be reduced to Low (30%) power setting to fine-tune exposure and extend battery life.
  • A compact and ergonomic design features a pushbutton power switch on the front of the light.
  • The MK-03 has been designed and manufactured using high quality components to withstand harsh environments.
  • Additional battery cells may be purchased separately to quickly exchange for a fully charged pack and keep shooting.
  Include :
  • Torch x1
  • Battery x1
  • Oring x1
  • Hand Strap x1
  • Charger x1
  • User Manual x1
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