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seac synchro  large
Regulator Set Seac P-Synchro
Code : S0073
Deskripsi :
Seac Regulator Psynchro + Octopus Psynchro
  • First stage materials : shiny chrome-plated brass.
  • Second stage materials : ultralight technopolymers
  • First stage features : balanced piston
  • Second stage features : Membrane block safety system.
The P-Synchro regulator from Seac is a very good lung machine for the ambitious sports diver. It offers you an excellent price-performance ratio and robust and reliable technology.
  • Assembled and tested!
  • 4 medium pressure outlets UNF 3/8 "thread
  • 1 high pressure outlet UNF7 / 16 "thread
  • 1st stage designed for 230 bar working pressure
  • Functional system: compensating piston
  • Shockproof rubber cap
  • 8 large openings to facilitate hydrostatic compensation and improve performance in cold waters.
  • Ergonomic handwheel
  • Body made of chromium-plated brass, highly resistant to salt water corrosion
  • Compact and lightweight, guarantees an optimal hydrodynamicDive / Pre-Dive system
  • Facilitation of the exhalation phase thanks to the enlarged surface of the outlet membrane
  • Front cap of silicone rubber, with large surface, for safe operation of the air shower also with gloves.
  • Safety system: Membrane fixation, guarantees perfect functioning and stability in every working phase
  • Exhaust tee with chin pad for greater stability
  • Asymmetrical lever allows maximum opening of the valve, for optimum performance when dives are divested
  • Large oval exhalation membrane for easy exhalation in any dive
  • New ergonomic mouthpiece, prevents the fatigue of the lower jaw
  • Octopus with 1m long yellow tube delivery
  • P-Synchro breathing regulator with 1 + 2 stage with hose
  • Synchro octopus with long tube
Rp 6.150.000,-
Rp 5.227.500,-

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